About Us


For its CHARCWOOD brand, Loadmasters is a company dedicated to the production, import, export and local sale of hardwood Lump Charcoal 100% Natural, in addition to various products and accessories for the grill; Oriented both to the final consumer as well as to the gastronomic professional who requires quality and safety for their events.



It is a young company, with a trajectory of little more than 20 years in the international market, satisfying the needs of the demanding Latin Amerian and European Markets. In 2020, it has decided to enter the Middle Eastern market, so that the local consumer can appreciate the quality and differentiation of its products. Through its CHARCWOOD brand, it aims to collaborate indistinctly with the occasional barbecue, with the third time, with the family and also with that professional;


To build a highly profitable and thriving charcoal production and distribution company whose products can be found all across major cities. To provide lovingly made charcoal products in the most ethical and sustainable way possible, and to spread the word about one of the world’s oldest yet most amazing and planet-friendly substances.


Our vision as a charcoal production and distribution business is to become the leading company in this line of business, providing a healthier alternative to imported charcoal as it is a pure substance that burns well without the use of added chemicals. As well as being healthier, food tastes better cooked on our 100% natural BBQ charcoal.